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Our Vision & Mission

We like doing what we do well and we do well in the what we like.

In Polarise, we believe that the most effective way to motivate the children in learning is to build their confidence and interest in studying.

Throughout the time that our students spend with us, leaners will be fully and gainfully engaged, we do not take their learning lightly nor compromise in areas where actions for improvement are needed. And of course, we believe success can only be achieved with the support of parents. 

Lessons at the centres are carried out with a holistic approach, including inculcating the correct mindset towards learning and examinations. Over the years, these proven approaches have helped numerous learners, Mainstream or Gifted, from Neighbourhood or Top schools, to do well not only in study, as well as in LIFE.

Primary School Tuition

English Comprehensive

  • Levels: P1-P6
  • Covers both Paper 2 and Composition Writing
  • 2 Hours a week

English Composition Writing 

  • Levels: P5-P6
  • Suitable for the students who want to focus on improving the Writing Skills
  • 2 Hours a week

Chinese Comprehensive

  • Levels: P3-P6
  • Covers both Paper 2 and Paper 1 (inclusive of oral practice)
  • 3 Hours a week

Chinese Foundation

  • Levels: P1-P2
  • Focus on Vocabulary, Chinese Application and Reading Comprehension
  • 1.5 Hours a week


  • Levels: P1-P6
  • 2 Hours a week


  • Levels: P4-P6
  • 2 Hours a week
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K to Primary Level

  • Chinese Reading & Writing
  • Han Yu Pin Yin
  • English Pre-Writing Foundation
  • English Creatieve Writing

In Polarise, we offer a wide range of enrichment programs for children between 4 years old to 10 years old. Through these fun and effective programs, our students have achieved amazing results in creative thinking and team collaboration skills. We don't just stop there of course, being a result driven tuition service provider, we are also able to add the primary school syllabus in our enrichment programs, making them not just fun for the children but also helpful when preparing them for the challenges in the school and exams.

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Programs from Raffleson Academy

Raffleson Academy specializes in a wide range of International School placement test preparation program as well as AEIS course which aims to help foreign students in their AEIS test. 

As a close partner of Polarise Education and Eway International Education, we not only help our students find the best matching school for their interest and academic level but also make sure that they will be best supported academically after they made their way to the school. 

Programs offered by Raffleson Academy
  • Stamford American International School Singapore prep program
  • Australian International School Singapore prep program
  • Hwa Chong International School prep program
  • Canadian International School Singapore prep program
  • AEIS Course
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Punggol CC (Near Hougang MRT)

Tel: 6584 5818
WhatsApp: 82111094