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Prep Class

Chinese Writing
Prep Class

Polarise Chinese

A comprehensive Chinese Enrichment Program for Children from N2 to P3

This comprehensive Enrichment Programme caters to children from N2 to P3 to advance their level of Chinese vocabulary. 

We use interactive games and activities to teach 1200 High Frequency Words (HFW) in our lessons, as well as Speech and Drama classes to train their pronunciation, creativity and public speaking skills. We also provide Picture descriptive writing for those tackling P3 syllabus and upwards. 

We recognise everybody thinks and understands differently therefore Polarise Chinese provides levelled reading to cater to students based on their level of vocabulary. This ties in with our terms of enrolment that establishes language ability over age.

Polarise Pin Yin

Help children to be independant Chinese reader

Hanyu Pinyin is a Romanized pronunciation system to introduce new learners to standard Mandarin (Chinese). It helps Mandarin learners improve pronunciation and accuracy as well as the understanding to read and type Chinese characters. 

Polarise Pin Yin helps our children be independent readers by building a strong foundation in the use of Pin Yin and its application to learning the Chinese language. Accurate pronunciation and the ability to type Mandarin defines the standard of a Mandarin-speaker therefore we will teach your child to be fluent in Mandarin through any mode of communication.